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Swish-Hoop™ Basketball Skills Trainer

The measurement and feedback of performance is critical to improving skills. This electronic skills development and measurement system is an objective tool that may be used by either individual players or coaches and teams.

The Swish-Hoop™ Basketball Skills Trainer is the premium Swish-Hoop™ product for improving basketball shooting and dribbling skills. This patented system comes complete with one Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor and one Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard, as well as the free iOS and Android mobile app (Swish-Hoop™ Player App) that may be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. The Shot Monitor is a skill-level measurement system that can give immediate performance feedback to single or multiple shooters when combined with the Personal Scoreboard. The number of makes, misses and swishes (nothing but net) are counted and wirelessly transferred as they happen to both your mobile device (using the free Player App) and the Scoreboard.



Product Details

Electronically track your shots and dribbling and get courtside feedback of your shooting in real time.

The following components are included in the Skills Trainer set:

  • Shot Monitor – the most accurate basketball shot tracker available (99.9%). It comes with the Swish-STIC telescoping net installation pole. No batteries or charging required.
  • Personal Scoreboard– a high-visibility, full-color LED scoreboard for real-time stats and shooting/dribbling drill guidance. Charger and cord included. Charging recommended every 8 hours of use.
  • Player App – Android and iOS app with over 300 dribbling and shooting drills and video demos.
  • Folding tripod stand – a stable stand that puts the scoreboard at the right height for dribbling drills and higher visibility shooting feedback.
  • Mobile-phone holder – a holder that positions any mobile phone in any orientation on top of the scoreboard, making video capture more convenient.
  • Protective cases – a hard case for the Shot Monitor, a padded cover for the Scoreboard and a sleeve for the tripod.

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