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Swish-Hoop™ Player App

The Swish-Hoop™ Player App is a free app used to communicate with Swish-Hoop™ devices (Shot Monitor and Personal Scoreboard), select, initiate and record drills, set goals and alarms, review stats, leaderboards, badges/trophies, messages and videos, as well as stats from other users. Users can share their favorite sessions and videos with others. It runs on most mobile devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets. The device must be connected to the internet through either Wi-Fi or a cellular connection and must have Bluetooth 4.0 or later compatibility, which is the case for nearly every current-day mobile device.


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Product Details

The Swish-Hoop™ Player App is available free to everyone that has a mobile phone or tablet. All users can view stats and videos of themselves or others, but only users that are using a Shot Monitor may run shooting drills and record shooting results.

The Swish-Hoop™ Player App has a lot of powerful features for recording, reviewing and sharing activity. These include over 300 dribbling and shooting drills and workouts with expert demo videos, video capture and automated breakdown, badges/trophies, leaderboards, customized team content, goals, coaching feedback, and sharing with followers and others. For a more complete list of Player App features, see here.

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