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Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard

The Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard is a wireless, foam-padded, water-tight, high-visibility, full-color LED matrix display that comes with its own tripod floor stand. Alternatively, it may be mounted to the backboard or just rested on a nearby chair, table or floor. It displays real-time shooting stats, shooting location and may also be used as a countdown or shot clock with a loud buzzer for time-sensitive drills. It comes with a charger and a free mobile app that may be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet.



Product Details

The Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard is an optional component of the Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor. As shot results are wirelessly received by the free mobile app on the mobile device, they are relayed to the Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard for immediate communication to players on the court. This allows shooters to get essential information about the drill they are shooting without looking at the screen of their mobile device, which may be left on the sidelines. The messages that may be displayed by the Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard include shot results (Make, Miss, Swish), total makes, total shots, percentage makes, countdown timer (for certain drills), player initials who is next to shoot, and shot location on a court diagram.

The Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard is particularly useful for complex drills involving multiple players and multiple shooting positions. It allows the right player to execute their shot from the appropriate court location without wasting any time. It is also an important tool when practicing time-critical drills where a play needs to be executed in just a few seconds (or fractions of a second).

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