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Swish-Hoop™ Coach's App

Web App for coaches to monitor activity and create and assign drills for team members.

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Product Details

The Swish-Hoop™ Coach's App is a subscription-based web application that allows coaches to review shooting stats and videos of their players, no matter where they practice. Within the Coach's App, you can assemble your team, create custom drills, assign practices and drills, monitor assignment completions, set up team practices, review automatically broken-down videos of practices, review week-by-week player rankings within the team and invent and post custom team leaderboards. Both coaches and players can customize the reviews of stats: by players, positions, shot types, drill types, dates, etc., allowing a pinpoint focus on particular areas of the team or individuals. The Swish-Hoop™ technology makes it extremely simple to capture and automatically breakdown videos of practices, player-by-player and shot-by-shot. Within the Coach's App, coaches can comment on and telestrate those broken-down shot videos, allowing the subject player and other coaches to see and study the comments and respond to them.

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