Swish Hoop™ Products

Products for Players, Coaches and Future Stars

Swish Hoop™ products enable fun, challenging practice sessions resulting in significant improvements in shooting percentages.

Start improving by measuring your shooting results with the Swish Hoop™ Shot Monitor and Personal Scoreboard. Then track your improvements, climb the leaderboard and earn electronic trophies in the Player App. Coaches can better understand the needs of players by reviewing their shot histories/videos and assigning customizable drills.

Swish Hoop™ Products

Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor

The wireless Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor clips onto to any net to electronically measure makes, misses and swishes at different court locations using a patent pending sensor and free mobile app.

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Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard

The Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard works in conjunction with the Shot Monitor to allow shooters to easily keep track of their shooting scores while on the court.

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Swish-Hoop™ Coach's App

The Swish-Hoop™ Coach's App runs on any computer or tablet and allows coaches to monitor his/her team's shooting performance, assign standard or custom drills and organize schedules.

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