Adding a Net Cincher to a Loose Net

Certain nets may be too wide to produce highly accurate “make” measurements using the Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor, since the ball could pass through the net without touching the sensor. To get the maximum accuracy from the Shot Monitor, either the net should be replaced by a new, tighter one (anti-whip nets similar to this one work well), or one or more net cinchers should be applied to the net to reduce the effective net diameter and force the ball to contact the Shot Monitor paddle as it passes through the net. A net cincher is a white-colored plastic tie that is wrapped around multiple adjacent knots in the net to bring them together and shrink the net’s effective diameter. Each cincher should be wrapped twice (a single wrap may not hold) around two or three knots well down the net at about the level where the flat portion of Shot Monitor paddle hangs. Then the ends of the cincher should be pulled to bring the knots together. Finally, the ends of the cincher should be twisted around one another to lock the cincher in place. The cinchers should be located away from and not directly under the Shot Monitor, so as not to not interfere with its motion. Contact Swish Hoop™ if you need additional cinchers.

Installing a Net Cincher for the Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor