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FAQ - Why get Swish Hoop™ products? (about the products)

How do I get the Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor sensor, Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard or Coach’s App?

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How do the Swish Hoop™ products work?

The Swish Hoop™ products are simple, easy-to-use electronic and app-based products, which are scientifically designed to advance basketball shooting and dribbling skills. Shot results are detected through a net-mounted sensor called the Shot Monitor. This device can measure “misses” from vibrations of ball impacts with the rim or backboard as well as “makes” from the ball passing through the net. See the video here. Results are sent wirelessly to a smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) using the free Swish Hoop™ Player App. A high-visibility courtside Personal Scoreboard may be optionally used to provide immediate shot-by-shot feedback on shooting stats while on the court. The Swish Hoop™ Player Appalso can record video of your shooting from any position on the court, allowing sharing of automatically broken down highlights with friends or feedback from coaches. A number of challenging dribbling drills are also part of the system to help advance dribbling skills.

Can I use the Shot Monitor without the Personal Scoreboard?

Yes, the Swish Hoop™ products are designed to be used either together or on their own. If you use the Shot Monitor sensor without the Personal Scoreboard, then you will not be able to get real-time feedback of your shooting, but the system will record your shooting stats and videos for later viewing. Dribbling drills may also be run without the Personal Scoreboard, but are much easier and more fun if executed with the scoreboard.

What are the benefits of using the Swish Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard?

The Swish Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard is designed to give real-time, courtside feedback while you are shooting. Measuring and immediately feeding back performance are important aspects of skills development, therefore, the Swish Hoop™ system (using the Personal Scoreboard in conjunction with the Shot Monitor) is a powerful and effective tool for improving your game. Another benefit of using the Personal Scoreboard is that it helps players organize their workouts and drills especially when practicing with multiple players. It displays the initials of the players whose turn it is to shoot, shows players from where on the court to take their shot and separately keeps the stats for each of the players, so players can compare one another’s shooting results. A third benefit of using the Personal Scoreboard is that it is a great way to execute dribbling drills. The Personal Scoreboard animates the various moves in the drill at eye level so players can keep their heads up and eyes ahead. It also provides an audible signal during reaction dribbling drills, which can help develop fast reflexes while maintaining dribbling control. A fourth benefit of using the Personal Scoreboard is that it provides a convenient place to hold your phone while running the app and videoing the shooting or dribbling sessions. The stand that comes with the Personal Scoreboard may be placed anywhere around the court to get the ideal view of any drill execution, thereby allowing coaches to give better feedback.

Do I need a coach to use the Swish Hoop™ products?

Having knowledgeable and caring coaches is the best way to improve your skills and the Swish Hoop™ products enhance a coach’s ability to do just that. However, there is a lot of expert knowledge built into the Swish Hoop™ products which will also allow players to make improvements on their own. Each Swish Hoop™ shooting and dribbling drill has a detailed description and an expert player executing a demonstration of the drill. Following these examples will allow players to learn and perfect new skills on their own.

How does my coach use the Swish Hoop™ products to improve my skills?

The Swish Hoop™ products have powerful features for coaches as well as players. Through the Swish Hoop™ Coach’s App, coaches will be able to review all shooting or dribbling drills, whether he/she was present during the drill or not. Coaches are able to give feedback on the shooting session videos from anywhere 24/7 and track how that feedback changes over time. This enhances their ability to provide their personalized expertise to their players. Coaches can also input their own drills into the Swish Hoop™ database, allowing the team to practice the way the coaches want them to practice. By assigning, then monitoring practice goals for their players, coaches can focus individual players on the areas they need to work on. For FAQs related to the Coach’s App, see here.

What does the automated video breakdown feature do?

The automated video breakdown feature of the Swish Hoop™ system will take a video recording of one or more drill practices and automatically cut up the video into short snippets of single shots that are more easily indexed and accessed than trying to search through a lengthy video of an entire practice. For FAQs related to the automated video breakdown feature, see here.

Can I purchase Swish Hoop™ products for use outside of the USA?

Yes. Swish Hoop™ products are FCC, IC, and CE certified, which means you can use them in the US, Canada and Europe, or anywhere else that accepts these certifications.