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Swish-Hoop Selected as Finalist in Basketball Innovation Global Competition

Swish Hoop Selected as Finalist in Global Competition for Basketball Technology Products

February, 2018

Shooter's Touch, LLC (DBA Swish Hoop)

Swish Hoop (www.SwishHoop.com) was chosen as one of ten finalists in a worldwide competition for the most innovative basketball technology companies. The competition was sponsored by Spalding®, Hype Sports Innovation and was held in February 2018 in Los Angeles, California, just a few days before the NBA All Star game was played there. The company demonstrated its products, allowing visitors to shoot baskets, automatically track their shots with the Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor and see their shooting stats in real time on the company's Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard. The company also showed the advanced features of its Coach's App and its automated shot-by-shot video breakdown technology. Dr. Steven Gordon, the company's CEO, also gave a talk on the unique features of all of the company's products to a diverse crowd including ex-NBA players, sporting-goods company executives, investors and the general public.

Swish-Hoop Products Selected Top 50 Most Innovative 2018 Hype

Advanced Basketball Technology Company, Swish Hoop, Selected as Worldwide Most Innovative TOP 50 Sports Technology Startup

February, 2018

Shooter’s Touch, LLC (DBA Swish Hoop)

Swish Hoop (www.SwishHoop.com) has been chosen as a TOP 50 most innovative sports startup by HYPE Sports Innovation (www.hype-foundation.org/startups/). The TOP 50 global program chooses the best startups out of thousands of applications each year. Companies are judged by an Innovation Committee, comprised of a panel of experts in the sports technology field, which selects the 50 that are expected to transform the world of sports.

Dr. Steven J. Gordon, CEO and co-founder of Swish Hoop, says, "We are honored to be selected by the judges at HYPE Sports Innovation to be one of the TOP 50 most innovative Sports Technology Startups for 2018. We have been developing the Swish Hoop™ set of products for the past three years and are finally able to share our exciting technologies with the world. We are committed to providing basketball enthusiasts of all ages cost-effective products that incorporate advanced technologies to help them make significant improvements to their skills through Data, Discipline and Delight."

HYPE Sports Innovation Partner and Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Ilan Hadar noted: "Swish Hoop has developed a top innovative solution that has the potential to transform the way basketball players train and maximize their playing skills. We at HYPE Sports Innovation are excited to have Swish Hoop in our 2018 TOP 50 program!"

Swish Hoop will start selling its three innovative, patented and patent-pending basketball shot training products this year. The Swish-Hoop™ Shot Monitor is a highly accurate, wireless, all-weather sensor that requires no charging. It attaches to a basketball net using a telescopic installation tool and measures makes, misses and swishes from one or more players during practice sessions. It includes Android and iPhone apps that communicate with the sensor and have a rich array of features for reviewing stats, awarding trophies, compiling leaderboards and social-network sharing of shots and videos. Its automated shot-by-shot video breakdown feature is the only system that automatically extracts video snippets that are associated with individual shots, eliminating the need for searching through hours of video footage to review a particular shot. The Swish-Hoop™ Personal Scoreboard is a wireless, full-color-LED scoreboard that may be positioned courtside to feed back shooting results in real time. The Swish-Hoop™ Coach's App allows coaches to organize their teams, give assignments and monitor stats and videos collected by the Shot Monitor App for each of their players. It also encourages competition amongst players to climb weekly team leaderboards and monitor shooting stats of their teammates. The Coach's app is a powerful tool for coaches, because it allows them to monitor players 24/7 and effectively coach them during gym practices as well as remotely.

Swish Hoop will demonstrate their products at the HYPE Sports Innovation Global event taking place alongside the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles in February, 2018.

About Swish Hoop and Dr. Steven Gordon

Shooter's Touch, LLC (DBA Swish Hoop) was founded in 2015 by Steven Gordon, Ph.D. and Daniel Zuccarini to develop advanced-technology products for a variety of sports applications. The company's Swish-Hoop™ line of products helps to improve shooting performance of basketball players of all ages. The company has half a dozen issued and pending patents covering its products and plans to launch its first three products in 2018.

Dr. Steven Gordon received his Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Gordon is a prolific inventor, having been awarded over 30 patents. He is also a successful serial entrepreneur and businessman, having founded, run as CEO, grown and sold to public companies two previous companies, one in factory automation and one in DNA sequencing instruments. Contact: info@SwishHoop.com or visit www.SwishHoop.com

About HYPE Sports Innovation and the HYPE TOP 50 Program

HYPE Sports Innovation is the largest sports innovation ecosystem with over 26,000 leaders and key decision makers, including sports and global technology brands, academia, investors and startups. HYPE Sports Innovation has teamed up with Google, ASICS, Microsoft, Google, Intel and Spalding among many others, and is managing 3 main activities: 1) Core - The Global TOP 50 program for sports startups, and Global sports innovation competitions alongside major sporting events. 2) HYPE Lab - sports acceleration program; 3) Club.One - HYPE Sports Innovation’s investment arm. The company’s mission is to impact people's lives through the power of sports and innovation. Visit HYPE Sports Innovation at: www.hype-foundation.org

The HYPE TOP 50 program features the most innovative startups in the world of sports. It serves as a powerful fast lane and provides access to capital, stakeholders, media, and global sports events. The chosen startups in the TOP 50 program enjoy an annual customized game plan and gain access to VCs, sports and tech brands, along with recognition through the media and exclusive global sports events.

Contact: info@Hype-Foundation.org